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If motivation is what keeps you going, be flexible with your exercise routine. A study that took place in the University of Florida showed that people who changed their exercise routine twice in a month are more likely to remain motivated than those who just change their workout whenever they like. Boredom did not seem to be a factor; it’s just that people enjoyed being flexible with their exercise more.

  • Bring your rear up

For a nice and sexy backside that will make people drop their jaws anywhere you go, it is advised you complete 100 kettlebell swings without stopping, with a normal weight at each end of your leg workout. If you cannot get your hands on a kettlebell, do hip-thrusters or deadlifts instead. “Women kind of overemphasize the quadriceps even when they think they are working the butt. You won’t have any problem engaging the posterior muscles and gluteus of the legs, with these two exercises.”

  • Don’t skip the most essential meal

Here, we are not referring to your breakfast, lunch or dinner but instead the recovery meal you take after workout. “Most women overlook post-exercise nutrition because they do not want the calories they just burnt to return. However, taking a combination of 10-15g of protein with 20-30g of carbohydrates within 25-30 minutes of your exercise will help in refueling your body, amp your energy up, build a more lean physique, and enhance your muscle recovery.

  • Be less specific

Just like when you are trying to get a guy that meets your specific standard, trying to attain a certain weight can be a lofty and sometime unattainable goal. Having a target, like shedding 5-10 pounds, might lead to to a successful result than when you want to shed specifically 7 pounds in 5 weeks. Flexible goals are more feasible, which in turn enhances your sense of accomplishment, allowing you to remain motivated.

  • Hang tight

The fact that you can’t do pull-ups does not mean you should not step up to the bar. Just hanging on for as long as you can, will enhance the strength of your upper body. Focus on making your body as still as possible, and you will acquire your abs, lower back, and hips naturally. You can also move your legs slowly in circular form or up and down to engage your abs further.

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