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Weight loss workout plans

Weight loss workout plans
• Diversify to cardio for Maximum Results
For fat and weight loss, cardiovascular exercises are highly effective; and there are two basic cardiovascular training methods: Low Intensity Steady State Training(LISS) and High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT). This LISS training can be done on an elliptical machine or a treadmill machine. These two machines are highly effective because they allow you to set a resistance and pace while monitoring heart rates. All you need is two LISS workouts per week. The machine needs to be set so that your heart rate is 30 to 50 percent of your maximum heart rate. The maximum heart rate can be calculated using the formula: 220 – (your present age) = maximum heart rate. Perform this exercise for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes twice per week.
• Push it Over with High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT)
The High Intensity Interval Training method will help in branching out the cardiovascular workout while combating your body’s attempts to adapt to the workout. The HITT sessions can be carried out at the neighborhood track. An effective and efficient HITT track workout is 400 meter interval overlaps. Starting from the start/finish line and mark off every 50 meters until you return back to the starting position. Firstly, Sprint 100 meters to the second marker, then walk slowly back 50 meters to the first marker. Repeat the cycle until you have rounded the entire track. Do this twice per week. Alternate the HIIT workout days with your LISS workout. HIIT boosts rate of metabolism for up to 24 hours after a single session. It requires no equipment and very little space. The HIIT structure can be applied to any form of cardio or weight exercise you prefer; whether it is running, swimming, kettlebells or bodyweight and it has been proven to increase heart health.
• Build Your Body with Walking Pushups
In conjunction with the cardiovascular workouts, engage yourself with three full body workouts per week; different days. Firstly, start with walking pushups by beginning from a pushup position, with the left hand on top of a thin pad or paper plate. Execute a pushup and during the up motion walk your right hand over to replace your left hand on the pad. Then continue this exercise by alternating hands until 10 reps for three sets has been completed using a 90-second recovery period.
• Feel the Burn with Chair Squats
For this type of workout you’ll take a standing position in front of a chair and act like you are going to sit in it. Place your hands out in front of you. Slowly begin to squat, stopping short of touching the seat of the chair, hold the squat position for a 10 count. Repeat this for 10 to 12 reps for three sets, with 1 minute 30 seconds recovery period.
• Leg Training
In this training, you start by taking a standing position with your feet together and your arms at your side as if you were holding dumbbells; step forward with your right foot in a lunge position. Return to the starting position and step forward with the left leg, completing the first rep. Perform 10 to 12 reps with a 1minute 30second recovery period.
• Burn it Off with Circuit Training
Being creative with cardiovascular workouts is very great, because it helps in losing weights easily. Get a set of 15-lb. dumbbells and a jump rope. In this type of circuit drill, you must not stop until the cycle has been completed. Start the workout by doing 50 rotations on the jump rope. Once you have completed one rotation, immediately drop the rope and pick up the dumbbells. From that standing position, do 10 squats with the dumbbells hanging to your side. Get back to the starting jump rope and reduce the reps by 10, doing 40 rotations. Repeat the same for the dumbbell squats minus one rep. Repeat this cycle until you are down to 10 jump rope rotations and six dumbbell squats. You can step up your game by moving up to two cycles in the second week. The circuit training will help in building muscle and increasing your metabolic rate. It is perhaps your best bang for your buck combination.
• Active Recovery — 2 Days Per Week
Two days out of seven days in a week will be set aside for active recoveries; this is just to create a chance for the body to rest up and rebuild muscle fibers that have been torn during workouts (this is where you really get stronger). It is just the perfect time for you to lay off those heavy workouts in favor of just a few gentle movements. This active recovery days aren’t just ordinary days to lie on the couch and do nothing. The gentle movement helps in increasing blood flow, driving more oxygen and rich blood to your muscles for speedy recovery. The faster the recovery, the faster the results. For as long as you’re moving around gently without pressure, you’re good to go. You may wish to do something you really love doing, go do it. If you just want to go for a walk, do that. And if you wish to hang out, do that and enjoy your life.
• Safety First Approach
Before beginning a new workout session or any other thing that concerns your body as a whole, consult your doctor. Don’t engage in any rapid weight loss programs that promises unrealistic and unattainable goals. According to the analysis carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy rate for weight loss is one to two pounds per week.
• A Good Solid, Healthy Diet
The major part of weight loss plan comes down to managing your calorie intake. It’s absolutely true. You strive to burn more calories using the great workouts we listed above. Yet, we always preach this truism. You cannot workout on a bad diet when it comes to weight loss. A healthy diet provides faster weight loss and more energy.

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