Easy 5 Weight Loss Tips


  • Drink More Water

About two third of the human body is water and this influences 100 percent of the life processes in our body. That probably explains why we feel better when we’re drinking enough of it. It could aid weight loss and help you achieve your body goal. Anyone looking to lose weight could be helped by upping their water intake. According to researches carried out when individuals drink water before a meal, they lose weight much faster than others who do not drink water.

Extra water helps us eat less by making us feel full, and it may also boost metabolism. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do. The hotter the workout, the sweatier we tend to get, so it’s extra important to replace those lost fluids.

Your liver convert fat into energy that can be used as fuel by the process can take long if you have less water quantity in your body. Taking more water helps you in burning extra fat by improving the fat-loss stages that helps your live to thoroughly metabolize the fat for fuel. Most people confuse between the thirst feeling and hunger feeling, which then causes excess snacking daily. Taking a good quantity of water will assist you in curbing your appetite and make you adhere to your healthy diet. Try to take between five to seven large glasses of water daily. If you don’t find it easy to take ordinary water, you can add cucumber, mint or lemon to make it easier to drink

Lose Weight By Sleeping More

Four Ways Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

  • Puts an end to late night snacking

The longer you stay awake, the more you would want to eat some calories you don not need; and this makes you gain at least 2 pounds per week, according to researchers. From their studies, they realized that sleep restricted people (sleeping at 4 a.m. and waking up 8 a.m.) gained extra weight than others that rest well (sleeping at 11 p.m. and waking up at 8 a.m.), mainly because they consume 500 calories from 11 PM to 4 am, a time when well rested people are in bed sleeping.

  • You burn more calories

You don’t feel only energetic throughout the day after having a good sleep at night; your body also burn some calories, even when you aren’t exercising. According to a study from an American Journal, the calories burnt – as a result of not moving – by people that rest well is five percent more than their counterparts that are sleep restricted. They also burn 20% more calories after taking a meal than the sleep restricted people.

  • It aids the loss of fat

Even when you consume that same diet as your partner, if you don’t get the necessary amount of sleep your body needs, you will not drop as much fat as they do. According to a recent study carried out at the University of Chicago on the comparison between the weight loss as a result of an 8-hour sleep and just 5 hours every night. In both cases, these two people consume the same amount of calories (around 1, 400 calories daily). While they both lost about seven pounds, over half of the weight loss was fat from the people that sleep well, compared to just a quarter from their sleep restricted partners.

  • Helps your brain to remain focused

You brain doesn’t function effectively without sleep. Harvard medical school researchers carried out a brain scan on participants who sleep well during the day and calculated their brain functionality in response to foods that are high in calories. The scans showed that there is lesser activation in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex – a part of the brain which has to do with behavior and inhibition control.

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