How to Lose Belly Fat for Women

Belly fat has never been a good thing in anybody and most especially the women folks. Normal belly fat is not harmful at least it protects the intestine and other vital organs of the body. However, when we talk of belly fat, we are talking of excessive belly fat that becomes abnormal. In the first place, belly fat makes someone unattractive and you can be sure how this can greatly affect women. Today, every woman wants to look good, sexy and attractive at all times and you can therefore imagine how belly fat makes this absolutely impossible.

It is important to note that belly fat can appear in women in all ages but it is mostly common especially for women in menopause. When women attain this age, it is expected that fat start shifting from arms, legs, bottom to the belly. The important thing to note here is that women at this age find it harder to watch on their weight because metabolism becomes slower, muscle mass diminishes as well as some lifestyle changes that makes it difficult for exercises.

Another important point to note about women at this age is that estrogen level decreases causing the distribution of fat around the body to become less even and as a result most women start getting fatter just around the waistline. However, some women may be luck not to gain this kind of weight after all genetics may play a role in the tendency to gain weight and distribute fat.

Like mentioned above, belly fat make women to look unattractive and less confident of their body.  In fact some women with belly fat may even be mistaken for being pregnant. This can be very embarrassing to women and that is why it is very important to get rid of it. Beside the physical look and attraction problem of belly fat, it is also important to note that belly fat also poses some serious health risks. Belly fat in women does not just stay on the outer layer of the body close to the skin but they also tend to accumulate in the inner part of the body surrounding the internal organs. The problem and health risk it poses is that it interferes with the normal functioning of the body and has the tendency to cause some diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and even breast cancer. This is why you must get rid of belly fat and the following are the ways it can be achieved.

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of the ways to jump-start your metabolism. There is a misconception about eating breakfast because it looks like it would add to your fat instead of helping you lose it. However, the true story is that eating breakfast will help you lose belly fat especially when it is done within an hour of waking up. According to studies, eating breakfast will keep your insulin level s steadier and lower your cholesterol levels

Try to Decompress

Today’s world has seen women get deeply involved in stress building activities. Why some of these activities cannot be removed since they are important, it is important to decompress at some point. According to studies, cortisol secretion is correlated with a belly fat increase. Note that cortisol is produced by hormones in the body during stress time. To combat stress, it is advisable for women to always have as much sleep as possible especially during the night and keep anything that can cause stress away from their sleep when trying to sleep. Another good way to combat stress is to set aside some relaxation time. It could just be few minutes on your launch break where you close your eyes and detach yourself from your worries.

Try to Move As Much As Possible

According to a research, belly fat increased with decreasing movement of a person. When we talk about moving, it simply means walking, climbing or doing activities that increases your daily steps. For example, try to walk everywhere that is possible like walking to work, grocery stores among others. In fact, where possible, you can walk instead of driving, walk through stairs instead of using the elevator. For women who have a sedentary job, it is advisable to get a stand up desk or a treadmill desk.

Drink as Much water as Possible

There is no doubt that water is very important to the body but most people find it difficult to drink it consistently. According to studies, your metabolism becomes more active with a consistent drinking of water throughout the day. Besides, drinking plenty water will also help you get rid of toxins and help you improve your overall health. It is advisable for women to carry water bottle around so as to have water to drink should in case they feel thirsty. Another important thing every woman must know is to understand when they are well hydrated. For example, a person who is properly hydrated will have their urine almost clear. Then reduce the intake of sugary drinks, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

Do Exercises

It is important to understand that exercise has a role to play in losing belly fat. While doing exercises may not be convenient and easy for women, it is beneficial to cultivate the habit of exercises and follow it up consistently to get results. There are a lot of exercises and procedures to follow when exercising but it is important to do the right exercise to get good results.

For example, women should exercise in small bursts. This means interval training or allowing rest period for short burst of energy as you exercise. Studies have shown that this kind of exercise is capable of building muscles as well as endurance quicker than the traditional type of exercise. Engage in aerobic exercises that would get your heart pumping. This will ensure that your calories are burnt quickly and you lose fat all over the body including the belly. One thing that must be understood in this case is that there is no way you can actually target belly fat independently but exercise will help you burn off fat and fortunately, belly fat is the first to give way. In addition, you can combine resistance training with aerobic exercise to get better result.

Reduce Calorie Intake

You cannot talk about getting rid of belly fat without seriously taken into account your dieting needs. Getting your dieting right is one way to reduce belly fat in the first place. First of all, reduce your calorie intake because unless you reduce it, you are not going to lose any belly fat. You can start by limiting your calorie intake to 2000 calories per day but do not consume less than 1200 calorie per day in order to balance the system.

Eat Good Food

It is important note that eating good food does not necessarily mean quantity but quality. You must eat foods that suit your needs and having the combination or balance to get good results. The most important thing about eating good food is to eliminate those foods that have the potentials to increase your insulin levels.

It is being found according to a study that diets that contain a higher ratio of what is known as monounsaturated fats is capable of preventing belly fat accumulation. Examples can be found in chocolate, soya beans, seeds, nuts, avocado among others. Avoid food containing sugar and processed carbs because these kinds of food can potentially spike your blood sugar which will then elevate your insulin. It is important to understand that the hormonal reaction associated with these kinds of food is mostly what causes the body to store these unwanted fat and increase how you crave for these carbs.

Unfortunately a lot of foods today are processed heavily and it seems there is hopelessness surrounding the whole issue. However, eating the right food that would help get rid of belly fat, will require some work and dedication to natural foods.

Eat More Fiber

Still talking about food fiber is important especially for people who would like to lose some weight. There are soluble fibers and they are normally found in cherries, oats and apples. Eating more fiber as part of your daily meals will help bring your insulin levels down and this helps in burning off belly fat. It is advisable for women to eat up to 25g of fiber every day for better and faster results.

However, when trying to eat more fiber, it is important to add it incrementally and not eating up large quantities in the beginning. For example, the best way to do it is slowly add fiber to your diet. Do not jump from eating 10g of fiber to 40g the following day as adequate time is required for the natural bacteria present in your digestive system to acclimatize to the new intake of fiber.

Other things that could add fiber to your diet include skin on fruit and vegetable. It is advisable to always eat the skin of fruit such as apple because that is where the concentration of fiber is. Avoid peeling of the apple skin before eating them.

Diet Pills Can be Useful

There is no doubt that changing your eating habit and lifestyle as a woman in order to lose belly fat could be challenging and difficult. This is where diet pills could be important as it helps you with that initial boost and keep you motivated. You can lose weight with diet pills but you cannot sustain it with it alone and this is why you need diet and lifestyle changes. What diet pills will do for you is to support other efforts like ensuring your appetite is suppressed. This will help you reduce your intake of calories and help you eat healthier

Measure Your Progress

A big mistake a lot of women do when trying to lose belly fat is that they do not measure their progress. In fact, some women do not even have a benchmark for their progress while some other do not even see the need to track the changes. The truth is that you just cannot be successful in belly fat elimination without having to track your progress from time to time.

Measuring your progress will require that you calculate your waist to hip ratio which is simply your waist circumference dived by your hip circumference. Getting the figures will show you the need or urgency to lose your belly fat. In fact, it can be an indicator of whether you even need to lose any belly fat in the first place. This is because your belly fat may just be normal as the little fat you may be feeling down there may just be okay for your body. However, you may not know this exactly if you do not measure it.

The measurement will require you to wrap a tape around your waist and hip and measure them independently. After measurement, you are to divide the figure obtained on your waist measurement by the figure obtained from your hip measurement. In women, it is expected that the wait to hip ration should have a figure of 0.8 or something below.

However, as you keep losing belly fat, it is expected that you keep on taking measurement to confirm progress. Note that the distribution of fat in the body is largely due to several factors in women and it is really beyond our control. However, the most important thing is to control the level of fat which is within our control and can be achieved with some of the steps listed above. The idea is that if you manage to keep the level of fat low, then the distribution will no longer be a concern as there would not be too much fat to distribute in the first place. Therefore, you can be rest assured that there wouldn’t really be belly fat when the overall fat is kept low.

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