Few Women’s Health Issues

Men and women are not the same, especially when it has to do with their health issues. Do you know the health issues that pose the biggest threat on the women’s health? You might be surprised, but don’t be. The first step to remaining healthy is knowing fully well what you are up against, and taking the precautions to lessen your risk. The interesting news is that most of the health threatening issues women face, which varies depending on the woman’s background and age, are avoidable. Find out the conditions you need to be careful of to get the best of your health today.

  • Heart Disease

To your surprise, breast cancer isn’t the major health issue most women face. Heart disease, which is responsible for about 27% of female deaths, kills a large number of women in the United States than cancers – about five hundred thousand women yearly. Fortunately, there are many changes women can make to the lifestyle to prevent heart disease – smoking, being physically active, and heart-smart diet.

  • Cancer

Cancer, the most dangerous health issue women encounter after heart disease, is the cause of 22% of deaths among females and kills about 260,000 women yearly in the States. However, even in this group breast cancer isn’t the most dangerous threat. Instead, lung cancer takes more lives every year – about 70,000 yearly – largely because of smoking; breast cancer is only the second deadly threat of cancer issue. Fortunately, your style of living can help guide against one-third of cancers, so the risk can be cut by living an healthy lifestyle.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is known to cause about 3% of female deaths in the States, it is a chronic women’s health problem, and it affects about 25 million Americans. The most common form of this disease is the type 2 diabetes, but what makes it interesting is that it can be avoided. To lessen the risk of being diabetic, ensure you live a healthy lifestyle and weight, exercise often, and be sure you check your blood sugar levels from time to time to allow for quick diagnosis.

  • Blood poisoning

Equally regarded as septicemia, this health issue is very dangerous to women’s health and it is responsible for the loss of 2% of all American females. This condition is very life threatening and it happens when the blood is infected with bacteria or some other toxins which usually come from infections in the urinary tract, pelvis, abdomen, or lung. The symptoms are spiking fevers, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, chills, mental status change, and the infected individual often fall very ill quickly. The signs of blood poisoning can gradually lead to shock, which also has a high rate of death; if you are experiencing any of these warning signs, visit the hospital immediately.

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