Few Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

Simple exercise to help you lose weight and keep fit
Sumo squats
Stand firm with your legs widely open. Letting your heels to be firm to the floor and having your arms attached to your body, go down slowly allowing your knees to come out and your inner thigh to sense the contraction. Turning your face to the sky can help you in aligning your body and keeping you straight. Always ensure your knees are kept in line with the feet. Avoid letting your knees move over the toes.
When you find this exercise too easy, you can replicate the movement while having a weight in your hand or having a kettlebell drop in between both legs. Also, you can increase the range of motion by placing you feet on two stools and squatting with the middle weight.

Mountain climber kicks
Begin from a position of press up and take one knee in aligning with your opposite elbow and have your torso twisted in to lower your abs contract and have your side felt. Also have your knees alternated to ensure your resting leg is straight and on the tip of your toes.
This physical motion demands that you have your core held tightly and having your torso twisted. Ensure you don’t drop or arch your lowered back. Always ensure your body is straight. Avoid lowering your back or dropping down your stomach.
When you want to step up your exercise, carry out this move while holding the machine ball handles in your front. This will make you more unbalanced and makes you put your abdominal muscles to work.

Kneeling donkey kicks
Get down on your knees and hands, resting your knees on them. Raise one foot at a time, pointing at the sky so the contraction in the glutes can be felt. Do these continuously while alternating between your legs.
Don’t allow your any movement of the upper body while carrying out this exercise. Instead, make use of glutes and hamstrings to protect your leg and don’t arch the lower back.
When you want to step up this exercise, you have a dumbbell between your hamstring and the back of your knee or put on ankle weights. This weight included will help in increasing the exercise resistance

Crossover lounge
Begin by having your feet just a shoulder width apart. Take a step backward diagonally, having your back leg crossed over and lunge down. While on the tip of your toe, bring back the leg put behind back level before going again. Ensure your knee is in a right angle position. Don’t allow the knee to be brought over the foot in front.

Triceps press ups
Begin with your hands pinned to the floor and parallel to your chest. Ensure your body remains stretched out, press down by pushing out your elbows and having them tightly placed with your body. Your triceps will help you in pressing down. Push your body back up, with it remaining straight and get back into the initial position and continually move up and down. Make sure your elbows are fitted to your waist as it helps in working your arms better and isolating your triceps. Don’t allow your arm to be pushed out of your body.
If you want to take this exercise to an expert level, put a medicine ball on the floor in front of your chest and have the movement completed while grabbing onto the handles. This will make your body not to be balance and require more muscles to keep still.

Side plank dips
As described in the image above, place your body in a side plank posture, with just a foot and arm on the floor. Lift your body on your side foot and make yourself balance by making use of your ankle and forearm. Once you feel balanced, gradually bring your hip down to the floor without having to touch the floor and rise back into the initial position while you keep your body straight during this process. Then change sides. Don’t over-do the movement by rising higher than the initial starting position.
When you find this easy, you can go extra by raising your resting leg into the air; thereby forming a star-like shape with the body.

Tuck jumps
Swing your arms at before jumping so as to add more momentum and power to it. Have your arms tightly placed with your body as soon as your knees get tucked into the stomach. The higher your knees go the more effective the jump is. While performing this jump, don’t have your legs spread out. Rather, you join your legs together and ensure the movement is smooth so you can lessen the injury risk. To make this exercise more effective, add a burpee movement or squat thrust after every tuck jump. Once you land on the ground after having your knees tucked into the chest, bend and stretch your hands forward and kick your legs behind and back in quickly.

Begin from a press up position and jump your feet towards the outer side of your hands. This will have you in a deep squatting position and your hands strongly placed on the floor. Jump back into your initial position and go again. Ensure your back remain straight and your upper body stagnant. Always keep your lower back straight and never drop down your stomach at any point in time, or remove your hands from the floor.
When you want to take this to a higher level, a press up can be added to every frog jump movement. Also, you carry out this exercise with only one hand on the floor and alternating between both hands. This will make you use more muscles, mostly in your shoulder.

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